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without the article. This is universal, because the subject is already limited to `the unity
of the Spirit', and the insertion of humin `you' in the text followed by the A.V. shows that
this sense was clearly understood. J.N.D. adopts the reading hemim `in us all' which has
been rendered by some `and in all TO YOU', making the passage balance Eph. 1: 22,
where Christ is not revealed as Head over all in the fullest sense yet, but as Head over all
One passage in Colossians must be included. Paul speaks of the new creation `where
there is neither Greek nor Jew . . . . . but (ta panta kai en pasin Christos) the all things
and in all Christ' (Col. 3: 11). Here `Christ' is put in a position to `the all things', He
Himself sums up in Himself the entire new creation. Of this He is the Head, it is in His
image that all will be renewed, and where all other categories of worth and privilege are
lost and put aside. So also in Eph. 4: 15 ta panta `the all things' is in opposition with
the "Head, even Christ". The `fullness' that embraces this `all things' is Christ and His
church, not Christ alone, and certainly not the church alone. Of both Christ and His
church is fullness predicated, but only as Head and Body making One blessed company.
True growth presses on to `the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ' and in this
dispensation, the growth of the One Body up into Him Who is the Head, is the great
example and exhibition of what the day of glory will reveal in its perfection. Christ as
Head is our theme, and here we see the first unfolding of that which is in germ in
Eph. 1: 22, 23.  As we prosecute our studies we shall learn that other phases of this
growth and perfecting are associated with Christ the Head until we hope, when the survey
is complete, every reader will concur with our proposition, that whatever blessings are to
be associated with the great titles of King, Priest and Prophet, they are all absorbed, filled
and taken to their true end, in the one great title given to Christ in the epistles of the
Mystery "The Head".