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The second appearing of the Lord, in fulfillment of the type of Lev. 16:, will also be
His Second Coming, and as we have already indicated, at the time of the writing of
Hebrews that Second Coming was imminent. The Lord had ascended, had entered into
the presence of God, and had Israel repented and "looked for Him", He would have
returned in His robes of glory and beauty without sin unto salvation. Israel, however,
failed. The Second Coming was deferred. A parenthetical dispensation must now run its
course before that typical seventh month is fulfilled, and before every eye shall see Him,
and they also which pierced Him.
Perfected for ever.
We have already had brought before us the solemn fact that `the law made nothing
perfect', and this statement was not allowed to remain merely as a general remark, it was
particularized.  The priesthood made nothing perfect, the Tabernacle services made
nothing perfect, and now we are to have the final argument to show that the sacrifices of
the law made nothing perfect, but the teaching of this epistle is not a threefold negative,
but is a glorious positive that the one offering of Christ did make perfect in its fullest
sense. Chapter 10: 1-18 is devoted to this theme.
Hebrews 10: 1 - 18.
A | 1-4. | a | The yearly offerings.
b | Not able to perfect for ever.
c | Those that draw nigh.
d | Argument from cessation of offerings.
e | Argument from remembrance of sins.
B | 5-10. | f | The prepared body.
g | No pleasure in sacrifices.
h | I come to do Thy will.
i | The first taken away.
i | The second established.
h | By the which will.
g | Sanctified through one offering.
f | The body of Jesus Christ.
B | 11-13. | f | The priest standing.
g | The repeated sacrifice.
h | Never take away sins.
g | Christ's one Sacrifice.
h | For sins.
f | He sat down.
A | 14-18. | a | By one Offering.
b | Perfected for ever.
c | Them that are sanctified.
e | Argument from remembrance of sins.
d | Argument from cessation of offerings.