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On the Threshold
p. 240
"My soul wait thou only upon God" (Psa. 62: 5).
The word translated `wait' is exceedingly expressive, it means `silence' and `to be
silent'. Psa. 37: 7 "Rest in the Lord" (margin `be silent'). True prayer has more of
this expressive silence than we are apt to think. Prayer asks, but not with worrying
repetition. We know that if we do those things that please Him, and ask according to His
will, He heareth us, then let us wait, rest, be silent. Already in verse one the Psalmist has
said that his soul waited or was silent to the Lord, and in verse 5 he again, as it were,
exhorts himself to this attitude of faith. Notice the emphasis on the word only. When we
realize that He only is our rock and salvation, we shall do so (verses 2, 6). Verse 2 says
"I shall not be greatly moved"; verse 6 says "I shall not be moved". This continuance of
patient, restful trust in God, to be silent to Him (verse 1) and to further be silent only to
Him, not only gives the assurance of not being greatly moved, but of not being moved at
all. Note verse 7 "in God", just so far as we can appropriate the `onlys' and "in God's"
of the Psalm, so far shall we truly pray and receive the blessed answer.
"We have not an High Priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities"
(Heb. 4: 15).
The inference from this wondrous verse is (16) "Therefore let us come boldly unto the
throne of grace". It is well to have learned to sorrow for sin, to confess sin, to forsake
sin, but there is a lesson which few can learn fully, and which many learn wrongly to
their own undoing, that is, sin must not keep us away from the throne of grace but should
rather lead us there. There is at the right hand of God, One Who, sinless Himself, passed
through this world, suffered its trials and temptations, and is now able to succour them
that are tempted. He is touched with a feeling of our weakness; what a statement! He
Who is God over all, Who overcame death and the devil, Who has all power in heaven
and earth, that One Who was and is perfect righteousness and holiness, yet He can be
touched with the feeling of our weakness. Gracious Lord, lead me more frequently to
that throne of grace, where as the Great High Priest Thou dost sit, Thy work finished, and
thy wondrous office now to present and meet Thy erring peoples' need. "Therefore let us