The Berean Expositor
Volume 42 - Page 200 of 259
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"The Lord hath made to MEET on Him the iniquity of us all."
"And made a MEETING PLACE for transgressors."
Here therefore is a twofold meeting place, the one a place where our sins and God's
judgment, but met not on our heads, but upon Him Who died `the just for the unjust that
He might bring us to God'; the other a meeting place where the transgressor now
reconciled may find access and acceptance, might be `numbered' or `reckoned' with the
righteous, because He, His Lord and Saviour, stooped to be `numbered' or `reckoned'
with transgressors.
Blessed be God. Who spared not His Son; blessed be the Lord Who gave Himself;
blessed be the Spirit Who takes of these things of Christ and reveals them unto us;
blessed be God for "The One Mediator between God and man".