The Berean Expositor
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"To make all men see what is the dispensation of the Mystery"
(Eph. 3: 9, R.V.)
The Practical Section (4: - 6:).
The Unity and the Bond (4: 3).
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In No.66 of this series we showed by a simple outline that the walk alternates with the
One Body and with the New Man. Let us now give closer attention to the section
devoted to the One Body, placing on either side the references to the walk.
EPHESIANS 4: 1 - 17.
A | 1-. The prisoner of the Lord. Beseeches.
B | a | -1.  Walk worthy.  Positive.
b | 2.  Humility of mind.
C1 | c1 | 3-6.  Unity of Spirit. Keep. Sevenfold.
d1 | 7. Measure.  Gift of Christ.
e1 | 8-12.  Gifts of Ministry: for perfecting.
C2 | c2 | 13-.  Unity of Faith. Arrive. Sevenfold.
d2 | -13, 14.  Measure.  Fullness of Christ.
e2 | 15.  Truth in love: for growth.
C3 | c3 | 16-.  Unity of Body. Fitly joined. Sevenfold.
d3 | -16-.  Measure.  Every part.
e3 | -16.  Edify self in love.
A | 17-. I testify in the Lord.
B | a | -17-.  Walk not.  Negative.
b | -17.  Vanity of mind.
It will be seen by the structure that the unity which the Apostle now approaches is
threefold. There is first the unity of the Spirit with its bond of peace. Then there is
the unity of the Faith, and finally the unity of the One Body. The parallel passage to
Eph. 4: 16 in Colossians, is Col. 2: 19, and there the "bond" of Eph. 4: 3 appear as
the "bands" and the "ligaments" of the Body.
The Apostle exhorts us to "endeavour to keep".  In Gal. 2: 10, referring to the
suggestion of the leaders at Jerusalem that Paul should "remember the poor", the Apostle
says, "the same which I also was forward to do". We find several allusions to the
gatherings for the poor saints at Jerusalem, and when these offerings were ready, Paul
undertook the journey in person to bring this evidence of fellowship and reconciliation to
Jerusalem. "Forward" is the word endeavour. Writing his last letter to Timothy, he gives
him among other things this charge: