The Berean Expositor
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"The same commit thou to faithful men"
(II Tim. 2: 2).
Moses and Joshua, Aaron and Eliezer, Paul and Timothy, each in their own sphere
make it manifest that a deep concern that the continuance of the ministry entrusted to
them should not suffer because of the physical failure of those originally concerned.
The sudden necessity to drop all work and enter hospital made me realize that it was
high time for me to follow the examples quoted above.
As surely as Joshua succeeded Moses, or Timothy, Paul, so Stuart Allen was indicated
as the one to continue this printed witness. At first in order to avoid even a hint of
pressure, I suggested that a new title be thought of, but the Trustees were so insistent that
the title The Berean Expositor should be continued, that we have agreed, with joy, that
the only change will be a new presentation of precious truth already committed to us.
Stuart Allen will take up his new responsibilities in connection with The Berean
Expositor from 1965 onwards.
I hope, most sincerely, that every present supporter of The Berean Expositor will
continue to uphold and encourage him and his colleagues in this formidable task that they
are undertaking in the Name of the Lord.
For some time the series of articles already started in the magazine and unfinished by
1964 will be threaded into the new issue, and the Trustees have a number of smaller
booklets still in manuscript form that can help out in the formative days of this venture of
I sincerely hope that every one will renew their subscriptions, so that the human
instruments involved, whether retiring or commencing, shall be encouraged to "make full
proof" of their ministry, until all witness ceases and all stand before the Judgment Seat of
Christ. If only His "Well done" is heard in that day, what a joy it will be!
Will you help us to attain that wondrous goal?
CHARLES H. WELCH, introducing
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