The Berean Expositor
Volume 41 - Page 199 of 246
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words "Fear not for I have redeemed thee". Thirdly, "I have called thee by thy name".
The child of God has here another ground of assurance. He is known individually; he is
redeemed as a known sinner; he is called by name. He has no fear of being lost in the
mass, for the Lord knows all His sheep. The final note of cheer is "thou art Mine".
Redemption has paid the price, Grace has quickened us to life and led us to Christ and
now that we belong to Him, surely we have every reason to rejoice and to "Fear not".
(At the end of this year 1908, we had an interview with Dr. Bullinger which brought
us into association with The Companion Bible and Things to Come, and led to the witness
now known as The Berean Forward Movement. We trust, however, far we have traveled
since January 1908, we have traveled "with Him").