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Millennial Studies
For a fuller treatment of the Millennium and allied subjects
see "An Alphabetical Analysis" Parts III, 8 and 9.
This is the Sum.
pp. 4 - 6
When the Apostle reached about half way through the epistle to the Hebrews, he
stopped at the end of chapter 7: to say:
"Now of the things which we have spoken this is the sum" (Heb. 8: 1).
He had admitted earlier that there were some things to say concerning Melchisedec
that were `hard to be understood' (Heb. 5: 11). In his case the difficulty was caused by
the fact that his hearers were `dull of hearing'. In our case, the position must be reversed.
We do not write as he did by inspiration of God, and we do not for a moment believe that
our readers are in any way dull of hearing. We have endeavoured as grace is given, to be
careful to avoid ambiguity, to give chapter and verse, to demonstrate by fairly full
quotations the interpretation suggested, and to avoid mere text quotations that ignore the
context. Even so, we have no right to believe that everyone has followed in every detail
so closely that a resumé would not be useful, and as the same Apostle said in another
context "To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is
safe" (Phil. 3: 1). We follow his helpful example.
Here then is a summary:
(1)  There is no sacredness about the word "Millennium". It simply means `a
thousand' and is used of that portion of the future reign of Christ that lasts 1,000 years.
(2) There is one portion of the Scriptures only that speaks positively concerning the
Millennial reign, and that a portion consisting of ten verses only, namely Rev. 20: 1-10.
(3) While making this statement we by no means deny that such passages as
Isa. 11: 6-9 do not belong to this Millennial day, but if they do, they are seen to be such
only by inference.
(4) We do not deny that there will be a pre-millennial kingdom, but we see that this
will be the kingdom of the Beast of Rev. 13:-18:, and is foreshadowed by the reign of
Saul before that of David.
(5) The outstanding features of the Millennium as revealed in Rev. 20: 1-10 are as
The devil will be shut up in the bottomless pit (abyss), and this, together with
Dan. 9: 24,  `finish' `to make an end', indicates that evil will be
`restrained' throughout the period.