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the truth'? There is no such difference in the original words. The verb peitho which
gives us `obey' in verse 7, gives us also `confidence' in verse 10, and in another form,
peismone `persuasion', in verse 8. Peitho occurs 55 times in the N.T. There are seven
occurrences where it is translated `obey', the remaining passages being rendered agree,
assure, believe, have or be confident, persuade, trust, yield and make friend. Moreover,
pistis `faith', is actually derived from peitho showing that the obedience which Paul had
in mind was the persuasion which begins with faith and ends in conviction.
Whether the Galatians had protested that after all the number who were thus
influenced was small, or that the number who were teaching this error was negligible, we
do not know, but the quotation of the proverb, `a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump'
suggests something of the sort.
In concluding this section, Paul adopts a conciliatory tone saying:
"I (for my part) (emphatic pronoun) have confidence in you through the Lord, that ye
will be none otherwise minded."
With the concluding words of verse 10 a new section opens, and this must be dealt
with in our next study.
No.76. (34) GALATIANS.
Gal. 5: 10 - 6: 10 --- The Troubler and The Restorer.
Love, the fulfilling of all the law (5: 14).
pp. 106 - 110
It may be as well, before we begin the examination of a new section of this epistle, to
revive the reader's acquaintance with the structure of the epistle as a whole. Reduced to
simple headings it is as follows:
A1 |
1: - 2: 14. Faith 5: Works.
| 2: 15 - 4: 12. Cross 5: Law.
A2 |
4: 13 - 6: 10. Spirit 5: Flesh.
| 6: 11-16. Cross 5: World.
A3 |
6: 17, 18. Grace and Spirit.
The section which is occupying our attention is
4: 13 - 6: 10,
which is
subdivided as follows:
A2 | 4: 13 - 6: 10. Spirit 5: Flesh. |
a | Jerusalem. Free.
b | Circumcision availeth nothing.
c | Persecution of the Cross.