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As we have earlier indicated the addition of apo in this phrase complicates the
translation. We must suppose the mental addition of some such word as echoristhete, so
that the statement reads `ye are as nothing as regards Christ, ye are entirely separated
from him' as in Rom. 7: 2, 5. (Lightfoot in loco).
To conclude the dreadful list of consequences, the Apostle says:
"Whosoever of you are (seeking to be) justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace"
(Gal. 5: 4).
This is but the doctrinal restatement of the allegory, where the child of the
bondwoman was `cast out'. If, says Paul, you voluntarily take up your stand with Hagar
and Ishmael who were `cast out', you surely will not be surprised if you `fall out' of
The Apostle has more to teach us before the subject is cleared and his further
arguments must be considered in future articles. Meanwhile let none trifle with Grace. It
is easier for a believer to fall out of grace by attempting self justification, than for a sinner
who falls into sin. For the latter there is abundant provision; for the former, the way is
beset with peril.
No.75. (33) GALATIANS.
Gal. 4: 21 - 5: 10 --- The call to Freedom.
"Faith which worketh by love" (5: 5 - 10).
pp. 88 - 93
We have seen how the Apostle viewed the legalizing tendency of the Galatians, and
have considered the solemnity of his warning that any one who seeks justification by any
other way than that of faith must find:
That to such, Christ profits nothing.
That all who thus seek make themselves debtors to do the whole law.
That Christ becomes of none effect to such.
That they have fallen from grace.
It is not the Apostle's custom to rely only upon warning; he often turns from such
methods to that of personal appeal and personal experience, presenting the positive side
of the truth in its warmest and most attractive form.  This we have seen him do in
Gal. 2: 15-21. He discontinues the use of `you' and `ye' and now uses `we'.
"For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith" (Gal. 5: 5).