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The word presence, prosopon, is generally translated "face" and CANNOT possibly
mean "absence". In verse 13 we read of the "presence of Pilate", and in 5: 41 identical
language is used for departing "from the presence" of the council, and in the reference to
the Second Coming in II Thess. 1: 9.  The promised "refreshing" and the threatened
"destruction" flow alike from the immediate personal presence of the same Lord. This
"Scattered People" will at last become the Lord's "Gathered People", and that gathering
will take place on the eve of the Second Coming. At that gathering a great sifting and
refining will take place, which shows that before that time Israel will be in no position to
become a blessing in the earth; they stand in need evidently of a personal blessing
Let us rejoice that:
"He that scattered Israel will gather him."
As an appendix to this study, we draw the reader's attention to a series of articles in
Volumes XXXVI and XXXVII of the Berean Expositor under the title "The prophetic
earth", which suggests that the prophetic earth does not extend further than that ruled
over by Nebuchadnezzar and his successors; in other words from the Indus to the straits
of Gibraltar. We quote:
"It seems a sound argument to affirm that by reason of Israel's lo-ammi condition at
Acts 28:,
the time element in the history of the successive rulers from
Nebuchadnezzar should cease to have a place, and it seems reasonable to believe that,
when the prophetic clock again begins to tick, the parenthesis will be closed and the
powers indicated by the two feet and the ten toes (which toes are symbols of the ten kings
yet to reign with the Beast, at the time of the end) will reign, in the first place, over the
same territory as was governed by their predecessors."
"The reference to `the kings of the East' in Rev. 16: 12, does not refer to the
Far East as we speak of it to-day. The Greek word anatole is used of the home country
of the wise men (Matt. 2: 1). The corresponding terms in the Hebrew are mizrach which
means `from the rising (of the sun)' (Josh. 4: 19) or qedem, a land, comprehending
Arabian Desert, Ammon, Armenia, Assyria and Mesopotamia. This is the anatole of the
Hebrews. To this region belong the kings of the East, for the Hebrew words melchi
qedem are found in Isa. 19: 11 and are there translated "ancient kings", but Pharaoh
may be boasting here that he is descended from the kings of the East."
Psa. 83: 4 refers to "crafty counsel" taken by those who are "confederate against"
Israel, and have said:
"Come and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel be no more
in remembrance.":