The Berean Expositor
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"Go ye and learn what that meaneth"
(Matt. 9: 13)
(A series of studies on the importance of, and the comprehension of, "meaning")
pp. 38 - 40
In our study of the laws that govern the approach to "meaning" we have confined
ourselves to the natural processes with which all men are endowed, but which, by reason
of sin and death, are defective, and by reason of the spiritual character of the Scriptures
are inadequate. The three natural steps, (1) Senses, (2) Memory, (3) Reason, now
give place to three parallel steps, (1) Revelation, (2) Translation, (3) Interpretation,
when dealing with the meaning of the Inspired Word. The slow and at times painful
process of "trial and error" that must of necessity characterize the employment of the
senses, gives place in the Spiritual realm to the inspired and positive statements of
Revealed truth.
The infant, through his senses, can eventually find out something both of himself and
of the world about him, but who by searching can find out God unto perfection? Instead
therefore of spending our days slowly accumulating evidences, for the existence of God,
for the nature of man, for the character of sin, or of righteousness, for the nature of the
soul, for the purposes of the ages, for the nature of the Person and Work of Christ, we
acknowledge that these are subjects of revelation, and that they yield their meaning and
message to faith.
Let us seek to understand some of the implications of this terms Revelation. We can
reduce the subject to five heads.
Revelation implies a Revealer, someone able to undertake and accomplish the task.
Revelation implies that there is something hidden, that will not perceived unless
revealed, something beyond the attainment of human research or experiment.
Revelation suggests, moreover, that Some One is desirous of making Himself, His
Purpose, His Truth known, and has taken infinite care in the process.
Revelation moreover is impossible unless there be one who can perceive and appreciate
the subject revealed. Man the receiver must be, either by creation or regeneration
adequately equipped to receive a revelation.
Revelation necessitates the employment of a fitting medium. Creation itself, the Story
associated with the Stars, the law of God engraven on the conscience, and finally,
the Revelation effected by the Word, first of all by the Scriptures the Written Word,
and secondly by Christ Himself the Living Word.
Let us use this outline as a guide, and first, let us consider: