The Berean Expositor
Volume 38 - Page 242 of 249
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While there are other similar Greek New Testament commentaries available, we feel
that sufficient has been said for our purpose, their multiplication but encumbers. The
reader must be prepared, in practically all his researches, to find that "Dispensational
Truth" is scarcely recognized, and that most commentators hold opinions concerning hell,
baptism, the Lord's Supper, &100:, that are contrary to the teaching for which The Berean
Expositor stands. With all this however, those works mentioned above if used with
discretion can become tools in the hands of the workman of God, especially in the
elucidation of the finer points of grammar and translation, leaving the reader himself the
privilege and responsibility of arriving at the true interpretation and application of the
truth thus illuminated.
No.7, (No.5 also).
Works that show by undersigned coincidences
the accuracy of Acts and the Epistles,
by William Paley, D.D.  and  T. R. Birks, M.A.
pp. 119, 120
The two books that come before us for examination are most helpful and stimulating.
The first is entitled:
Horae Paulinae or The Truth of the Scripture History of St. Paul evinced by a
comparison of the epistle which bear his name with the Acts of the Apostles and with one
He Kaine Diatheke,  The New Testament with English Notes,
Philological and
Explanatory. By E. Valpy.
The fourth edition, published in 1836, is enriched by a fairly full contribution on the
Greek Article contributed by Bishop Middleton, Dr. Tilloch and Mr. Granville Sharp.
While we do not say that this commentary has anything exceptional about it, the reader
would be well advised should he see it second hand for a few shillings to secure it. Here
and there its philological notes and explanatory passages are suggestive.
He Kaine Diatheke, The New Testament with English a high and deserved reputation,
not only as a decisive argument for the genuineness of St. Paul's epistles, and the fidelity