The Berean Expositor
Volume 38 - Page 175 of 249
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"before the foundation of the world".  We are but instruments through whom that
sovereign choice may at times be implemented.  "How shall they hear without a
On the other hand it has been, and still will be, our joy to see the light dawn, and to
see those who by nature are aliens and without either promises, covenants or fathers,
entering into the blessings of the highest calling of God made known in the Scriptures.
Such can come without further preparation;  they have no need to invent for
themselves such titles as "spiritual Israel", such have no need to thrust themselves into a
"covenant" made specifically with "the house of Israel and with the house of Judah" and
which cannot be implemented while the contracting parties are called by God Himself
May many be led to emulate the faith shown by Caleb and Joshua, to shun the
unbelieving attitude of the ten spies, to accept the evidence of these "Grapes of Eshcol",
believe, accept and thank the Lord for such overwhelming grace to those so far off, and
then seek to walk worthy of such a high calling.