The Berean Expositor
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HEBREWS as a Whole.
A | 1:, 2:
Thou remainest.
Thou art the same.
How escape?
Bring the First begotten.
Let us come boldly.
Example of unbelief.
Perfect v. Babes.
No renewal unto repentance.
Senses exercised.
Crucify afresh the Son of God.
C | 7: - 10: 18.  PERFECTION, WHERE FOUND.
But this Man.
No perfection in priesthood.
No perfection in law.
No perfection in ordinances.
No perfection in sacrifices.
But this Man.
B | 10: 19 - 12: 25.  BACK TO PERDITION.
Let us draw near.
Example of faith.
Sons v. Firstborn.
No place for repentance.
Discipline exercised.
Trod under foot the Son of God.
A | 12: 25 - 13:  HIM THAT SPEAKETH.
Things that remain.
Jesus Christ the same.
Not escape if refuse.
Brought from the death.
In chapter 5:, adults are manifested by the presence, not only of "senses" but
"senses exercised", which is balanced in chapter 12: with "discipline exercised".  In
chapter 6: some are said to crucify afresh the Son of God and in chapter 10: we read of
those who have trodden under foot the Son of God. There is therefore no possible doubt
but that here we have the material for the two flanking members of the central section.
Chapters 7: to 10: 18 therefore are left in the centre of the structure. This central section
develops the flanking slogans "on to perfection" and "back to perdition" by devoting
itself to the place where perfection can be found. It opens and closes with a reference to
"This Man", the Man Christ Jesus.
The earnest student will "search and see" and make this structure his own. We are
now mercifully granted an infallible guide in our researches in this epistle, though we
ourselves may be very slow to avail ourselves of its help.