The Berean Expositor
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The First Principles of the Oracles of God
(A series especially addressed to new readers)
Our Basis.
The Inspired Word of God.
pp. 1 - 6
At the time of writing these lines, The Berean Expositor has been in existence for over
forty-five years, and it is not to be wondered that during that period changes in the
presentation of the truth made known should have taken place. Where once every term
used was explained, as time went on and readers became aware of the main lines of
teaching, lengthy explanations became unnecessary. Readers who have lately become
interested in the truth naturally find themselves facing articles which, by their very
nature, assume a fair acquaintance with the terms employed. We continually use the term
"Dispensational Truth" but cannot lengthen every article to provide a definition or to give
examples. We assume in every article an endorsement of the basic principle of
"Right Division", without explanation or without actually quoting the text. As the early
bound volumes of The Berean Expositor are out of print and practically unobtainable,
even at second hand, we have already re-written the early expositions on the epistle to the
Ephesians and the epistle to the Hebrews, which are either now appearing, or will appear
in this magazine shortly.  We are becoming aware through our mail, that another
generation of readers must be catered for, and feel sure that the most mature of our
readers will welcome a new presentation of basic truth, and feel thereby more willing to
introduce the magazine to younger readers. The nature of our witness, must ever render
the writing and reading of such articles "difficult" and what may be now labeled
"elementary" by some readers, will still, alas, be considered too advanced by many "who
for the time ought to be teachers". Recognizing, therefore, the necessity to consider these
"first principles of the oracles of God", and also the limits which our space and the ability
we may possess impose upon us we commence, with this number, a fresh approach to the
consideration of those things which are most surely believed among us. These things
include that which may be called Doctrine, such as the teaching of Scripture concerning
the Person and Work of the Son of God, the claims of Scripture to its inspiration and
authority, the nature of man, of sin, of salvation, of punishment, and of those things
which more naturally range themselves under the heading of Dispensational Truth and
which constitute the peculiar witness of The Berean Expositor, and which includes the
different callings, the constitution of the Church, the question--did the Church begin at
Pentecost? the place of Israel in the scheme of redemption and the consequences that
follow the rejection of that people at the end of the Acts, the two-fold ministry of the
apostle Paul, the Dispensation of the Mystery and the distinctive place of the "Prison
Epistles", &100:, &100: The following taken from an announcement of meetings at the
Chapel of the Opened Book, may not come amiss as an expansion and explanation of
these aspects of truth.