The Berean Expositor
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Less than the Least
and its sequel "An Alphabetical Analysis".
p. 80
It was with some trepidation that we acceded to the suggestion to write a brief account
of the early history of the movement that has grown out of the witness of The Berean
Expositor.  In the series entitled "Less than the Least" which commenced in
Volume XXXV,  the personal element could not be avoided, simply because the
stewardship of the truth involved had been so evidently entrusted to a single person.
Without the loyal and self-sacrificing fellowship of a devoted few this witness, speaking
humanly, must have succumbed to the arduous circumstances of its birth. The final
responsibility, however, has always rested from the beginning upon one frail and very
earthen vessel.
The true object of this series, however, was not so much the story of the earthen vessel
as to set forth the treasure that by grace had been poured into it, and as the peculiar
character of that teaching is known, for good or ill, as "Dispensational Truth" we are glad
to announce the completion of a work entitled "An Alphabetical Analysis" of some
1,000 pages which is devoted to "terms and texts" that relate to Dispensational Truth.
The first volume of this new work is now ready and covers the letters A to E and
subsequent volumes will be issued at convenient intervals.
At first we limited ourselves to dispensational features, and much regretted that while
we could stress the need for "Right Division" we could not at the same time set forth the
claims of the "Word of Truth" to its divine inspiration. In the same way, while we could
enlarge on the dispensational place of the "ACTS", we had to pass without comment such
a theme as "ATONEMENT". This, however, we are in process of rectifying and the
volume with which the series will close will be devoted to outstanding doctrines, without
which dispensational truth is without basis.
We commend this series to the reader and trust that it may prove to be indeed a blessed
"Tool" for the "Unashamed Workman".