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In Adam.
The Problem Stated.
pp. 14 - 17
In a series of articles entitled "The Seed" we have attempted to show that from the
beginning, and against all the opposition of the enemy, God has pursued His great
purpose, a purpose which, while it comprehends more, must comprehend at least the
election, preservation and ultimate glory of a chosen "seed". While the demonstration of
this aspect of the mighty purpose of the ages clarifies some erstwhile difficult passages, it
reveals further and deeper problems, and while it will never be given to anyone on this
side of glory "to know even as he is known" we do nevertheless believe that Scripture has
been given to reveal the mind of God, even though the nature of the subject revealed, and
the limitations of those addressed, render many a passage difficult of apprehension, as
though seen "in a glass darkly".
We now approach this purpose from another, yet related, angle and throw the subject
before us in the form of a question. "Why was the church, which was chosen IN
CHRIST before the foundation of the world not created spiritual and placed immediately
into its heavenly inheritance? Why was it necessary for every member to enter into life
The problem can be visualized thus:
A | In Christ.
B | Spiritual blessings.
C | Heavenly places.
D | Far above all principality.
A | In Adam.
B | Not spiritual but natural.
C | Of the Earth, earthy.
D | Lower than the angels.
We have purposely limited our enquiry to a select company, the Church of the One
Body. If we extend our enquiry to comprehend the number that do not appear to have
been the subjects of Divine grace at all, the problem becomes so vast and the issues so
great, that there is every likelihood that we should fail to accomplish anything
satisfactory. While readily admitting this vast outer ring, it will simplify the present
quest, if we concentrate on the known few, rather than the unknown many. The company
we have before us therefore is the Church of the Mystery. They are a unique company