The Berean Expositor
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The Hebrew word netsib, translated "pillar", does not in any sense refer to a statue or
image in human likeness. It is derived from natsab, which means "to be set, placed or
appointed", and the peculiar form netsib, occurs twelve times, and is rendered in the
Authorized Version "pillar" once, "officer" twice and "garrison" nine times. The idea
conveyed by the expression "a pillar of salt" is rather that of a mound, something fixed
and standing sentinel.  The fatal hesitation of Lot's wife led her to be caught and
overwhelmed by a mass of salt much as the inhabitants of Pompeii were overwhelmed
and fixed by the overflowing lava and ashes of Mount Vesuvius. The Saviour has
endorsed the record of  Gen. 19: 26,  by the pregnant words recorded by Luke,
"Remember Lot's wife" (17: 32).