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children of men dwell", to say nothing of the beast of the field and the fowl of heaven.
God could hand over nothing less, for all dominion on earth is traceable back to Adam,
but no man has yet or ever will fulfil this requirement. The Babylonian and Persian
empires extended from Asia Minor on the West to the Indus on the East, and it was left to
Greece and Rome to complete the oikoumene of the prophetic earth. At the death of
Alexander, his kingdom was divided among his four generals as is indicated in
Dan. 8: 22, Ptolemy taking Egypt, Palestine and some parts of Asia Minor; Cassander
taking Macedonia and Greece; Seleucus taking Syria, Armenia, territory east of the
Euphrates; and Lysemachus taking Bithynia, Thrace and Mysia.  Rome took all this
territory except that which lay east of Syria, but added to it a great portion of Europe and
the countries on the southern edge of the Mediterranean. The prophetic earth therefore, if
it be limited to the territory governed by these four successive kingdoms, extends from
Spain on the west, to the Indus on the east.  To supplement this investigation we
reproduce the chart drawn for us by our brother W. G. Whitaker, first used in the reprint
of "This Prophecy" in 1951.