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"To make all men see what is the dispensation of the mystery"
(Eph. 3: 9, R.V.)
#7.  The Muniment Room (1: 3 - 14).
The Threefold Charter of the Church of the one body.
pp. 1 - 4
We have seen that the opening section of Ephesians is threefold, and deals with:--
The WILL of the Father
(1: 3-6).
The WORK of the Son
(1: 7-12).
The WITNESS of the Spirit
(1: 13, 14).
Each department in this great passage is devoted to one phase of the truth and together
make up the Charter of the Church. We go back in time to "before the foundation of the
world" (1: 4) and on to the future day of redemption (1: 14 with 4: 30).  This
redemption comes under the heading "The Work of the Son" for He alone is the
Mediator, He alone the Redeemer, for He alone offered Himself without spot an offering
and a sacrifice for sin. The Spirit's seal and earnest follows and does not precede this
great redemptive work, the Witness of the Spirit combines the "Promise" given before
age times (II Tim. 1: 8-10 and Eph. 1: 14) with the "Redemption" accomplished by
In Eph. 1: 3-6 we have "The Will of the Father". We ask a series of questions
concerning this will and submit the answers:
WHAT does the believer inherit? "All spiritual blessings."
WHERE will this inheritance be enjoyed? "In heavenly places."
WHEN was this will made? "Before the foundation of the world."
WHO will inherit? Those who received "The adoption".
WHY did the Father thus choose? "The good pleasure of His will."
While these five subdivisions of this mighty subject do not actually state all that is
written, it will be found that they will help us as we endeavour to grasp something of the
stupendous revelation which is here made to use.
"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who hath blessed us with all
spiritual blessings in heavenly places" (1: 3).