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Throughly Furnished (II Tim. 3: 17).
(Being introductory lectures given at the Christian Workers' Training Class).
The Text and its Context.
pp. 31 - 35
We have seen that the words "thoroughly furnished" indicate complete equipment,
both  in matter and in method. We now examine the context in order that by its light we
may the better see what this complete equipment involves and implies.
Just as it is true that no man liveth unto himself or dieth unto himself, so it is true that
all words used in rational discourse take some colour and modification from the passage
in which they are found. Thus the expression "A well-furnished house" conjures up an
entirely different set of ideas from the expression "A well-furnished mind", yet the
difference lies not in the words "well-furnished" but in their relationship either with a
"house" or a "mind". We must therefore not rest satisfied with having examined the
meaning and usage of exartizo, but go on to consider the bearing that the context has
upon its meaning.
As we look at the context that precedes and follows this word, the first fact that
registers itself upon the mind is that it is almost entirely related to the Holy Scriptures.
These Scriptures are said to be profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for
instruction (II Tim. 3: 16), and the exhortation follows in the next chapter to "preach the
Word . . . . . reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine" (II Tim. 4: 2),
which most evidently looks back to the characteristics of the Word, already examined in
II Tim. 3: 16.
By scrutinizing the whole epistle we discover that II Tim. 3: 10 - 4: 8 constitutes a
complete member, and this will set the bounds of the immediate context which we are
seeking. Broadly, it may be set out thus:
II Timothy 3: 10 - 4: 8.
A | 3: 10-12. Paul's doctrine and ministry. The BEGINNING.
B | 3: 13-17. Scripture for doctrine.
C | 4: 1. The Judge and His appearing.
B | 4: 2. Preach the Word . . . . . with doctrine.
A | 4: 3-7. Paul's doctrine and ministry. The END.
C | 4: 8. The Judge and His appearing.
Omitting for the time being the references to the beginning and the ending of Paul's
ministry, we have the closer context of chapter 3: 13 - 4: 2, which we must now
examine more closely.