The Berean Expositor
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connected with the New Covenant, was, like the Kingdom and the Covenants, in
abeyance, believers now having not even a type to remind them of their absent Lord, but
simply faith, unaided by sight or feeling, just faith in the Word of God.
Summarizing, we have found by comparison that--
There is a distinct difference between the Epistles written before and after
Acts 28:
That the difference is chiefly found in connection with the omission of Gifts
and Ordinances, from the later Epistles.
These belonging to the "Kingdom" help to show that the dispensation
before Acts 28: was connected with "Kingdom" promises; whereas,
now, there is a dispensation connected with a secret purpose revealed
only after Israel had proved unfaithful.
That the Baptism of the Spirit is not to be taken as identical in the two