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Some Titles of Scripture.
The Word of God.
p. 120
Where this title occurs in the N.T. it is the translation of either logos or rhema:
"Not as thought the word of God hath taken none effect" (Rom. 9: 6).
(Here the word used in logos.)
"Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Rom. 10: 17).
(Here the word used in rhema.)
Logos always retains some element of its original meaning, that of a logical account.
The word "reasonable" in Rom. 12: 1 is logikos, and a "reason" in I Pet. 3: 15, is
logos, while "account" in Rom. 14: 12 is also logos.
"Rhema, like logos, always keeps in view the substance of what is said, but differs
from logos in bringing into prominence the fact that something is uttered, and thus
denotes the word as the expressed will, while logos denotes the expressed thought"