The Berean Expositor
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to support the weak, but he could say, "These hands have ministered . . . . . I have shewed
you . . . . ." (Acts 20: 34, 35).
While the Apostle had no confidence in the flesh, he had great confidence in His Lord.
He was not to be made ashamed or intimidated by persecution, opposition or desertion;
he "knew" Whom he had believed.
The word exartizo which we have been considering is used for the "fitting out of a
ship". Now the world has a proverb which says, "There is no back door to a ship", the
obvious meaning being that the equipment of a ship for a voyage must be thorough,
comprising within itself provision for all possible contingencies, and it is the glory of the
Scriptures that are given by inspiration of God, that such an equipment for the man of
God is their special province.
So far we have pondered the fact and the meaning of the equipment; in our next study
we must examine this complete equipment in relation to its context.