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only be admitted by those who do not perceive Acts 28: as the great boundary for
this dispensation.
We are exceedingly sorry to forfeit the fellowship or regard of any believer in Christ,
but we must not allow these things "to move us" but, with or without such fellowship, we
must pursue the course before us, remain true to the good deposit entrusted, and leave the
final arbitrament to the Lord in "that day".
#2.  An examination of the suggestion
that the epistle to the Hebrews contains
what has been called "Ephesian truth".
pp. 173 - 177
In the course of correspondence with one reader of this magazine, he put forward the
following parallels between Hebrews and Ephesians, with the appended comment.
6: 17. Heirs.
3: 6. Joint Heirs.
13: 3. Body.
3: 6. Joint Body.
3: 1.  Partakers.
3: 6. Joint Partakers.
"The mystery then appeared to me in quite a new understanding. Acts 28: would
not then necessarily mean a new sphere of blessing in locality, but in jointness with
Israel. After all Heb. 3: 1 `heavenly calling' is I understand the same word as is used in
Eph. 1: 3. In going through Hebrews these points seemed to stand out. Heb. 3: 1 `The
calling';  4: 14 `passed through (R.V.) the heavens';  9: 12 `entered into the holy
place'; 10: 12 `sat down on the right hand of God'.  It was just like reading Ephesians
to me, but one thing more was wanted, and 10: 19 seemed to seal the whole question,
`boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus'. I felt at once, This is Ephesian
It must first be remembered that much turns on what we mean by "Ephesian truth".
For instance, the glorious fact that Christ ascended and sat down at the right hand of God,
is not "Ephesian truth". It is a fact, but a fact which would remain had the mystery never
been made known. Boldness of access into the holiest by the blood of Jesus is not
"Ephesian truth", but a truth foreshadowed in type and symbol by the Holy Ghost, until
the times of reformation, and is consequent upon the finished work and one sacrifice of
Christ, not upon any revelation of the mystery.  By "Ephesian truth", if we mean
anything, we must mean some peculiar revelation of truth found in Ephesians and
nowhere else.
Now, upon reading through Hebrews, our brother was struck by certain expressions in
it similar to others in Ephesians, and says, "I felt at once, This is Ephesian truth". Let us
give this matter our attention, for the hope of our calling is involved.