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The Acts of the Apostles.
The Dispensational Landmark (28: 23 - 31).
"The Kingdom of God . . . . . concerning Jesus" (28: 23).
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It is common knowledge that the Acts and the Gospel according to Luke come from
the same writer, and that the last chapter of Luke's Gospel is briefly summarized in the
opening verses of Acts 1:, before the new story commences. Consequently, we must
remember that the words of Acts 1: 3, "Speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom
of God", are Luke's own summary of several verses found in Luke 24:, where, with
fuller detail, he had given the character and subject-matter of that wonderful teaching. As
we draw near to the closing testimony of the Acts, it will help us if we refresh our
memory as to the nature of this teaching of the Lord.  Where Acts 1: 3 summarizes
without detail, Luke 24: 27 and 44 are more explicit:
"And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto them in all the
scriptures the things concerning Himself."
"All things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of Moses, and in the
Prophets, and in the Psalms concerning Me."
We now see that Acts 1: 1-15 and Acts 28: 23-31 present this comparison. In
both there is given a careful exposition of the O.T. scriptures, and the leaders of Israel in
Rome are given the same testimony as the disciples received in the land of Palestine.
Alas! the results of the testimony were not comparable but, in many points, there is
correspondence between Luke 24: and Acts 28:  Let us acquaint ourselves with
this important fact.
(1) THE THEME in both passages is "concerning Jesus".
The Greek word peri occurs in Luke 24: 4, 14, 19, 27 and 44;
and in
Acts 28: 23 and 31.
"As they were much perplexed thereabouts."
"And they talked together of all these things which had happened."
"And He said, What things? And they said, Concerning Jesus of Nazareth."
"He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself."
"All things must be fulfilled which were written . . . . . concerning Me."
"Persuading them concerning Jesus."
"Teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ."
(We shall have to deal later with the titles of the Lord here used, but for the moment
we will continue the comparison of Luke 24: with Acts 28:).
(2) THIS THEME relates to "Hope".
"We trusted (elpizo) that it had been He which should have redeemed Israel"
(Luke 24: 21).
"For the hope (elpis) of Israel, I am bound with this chain" (Acts 28: 20).