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death; the teaching concerning redemption; the essential meaning of the word "new";
the character of God; the extent and nature of His promises, and the declared purpose of
the ages.
The original failures recorded in Scripture are not on the part of God but on that of His
creatures, while left to themselves. In the world to come, no creature will again ever be
left to himself: all will be in Christ; all will be redeemed; all will, at length, be satisfied.
It is written of Christ that "He shall see of the travail of His soul and shall be satisfied".
In that, we can safely and confidently rest and find the guarantee sought for in the
question put to us.
Psychology tells us that in any undertaking there are two essentials to success: the
ability to do, and the wisdom to carry out the project. Of a being possessed of infinite
wisdom and unlimited power it could safely be predicated that whatever was undertaken
would succeed. Christ is "The Wisdom of God and the Power of God", and Christ
crucified, risen, ascended and reigning is the fullest guarantee that heaven can give that
never again shall evil enter into the universe of God.
"Because I live, ye shall live also."--These words also contain a principle that can be
extended endlessly. Because sin and death have no more dominion over Him, they can
have no more dominion over us. His throne is for ever, and of His kingdom there shall be
no end. As in the personal salvation and hopes of the individual, so in the great purpose
of the ages, the key, the foundation, the assurance is Christ.