The Berean Expositor
Volume 32 - Page 227 of 246
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Timothy listen to this record of loving service unmoved? Would he not provoked to
emulation--he, the son of the Apostle in the faith? Later in this epistle Paul urges
Timothy to use "diligence" in coming to him at Rome. Is it for this reason that he notes
the further ministry of Onesiphorus?
"But when he was in Rome, he sought me out very diligently, and found me" (II Tim. 1: 17).
It appears that had Onesiphorus been ashamed of Paul's chain, or faint-hearted in his
search, he might readily have found plenty of excuses for failing to find that Apostle. A
great change had come since Acts 28: 30, 31. There, Paul had his own hired house,
and received all that came in unto him . . . . . no man forbidding him. But now! What
could the Apostle do to requite this service? Of himself, nothing. His earthly course was
well-nigh run. But there was a crown for all who loved the Lord's appearing, and the
attitude of Onesiphorus proved that he possessed this love that will not fail of
remembrance in "that day". So the Apostle and this humble fellow-servant will enter
their reward together.
"O Timothy! be there with me, too; O my son! my son! remember that no man is
crowned except he strive lawfully. Endure affliction; do the work of an evangelist;
make full proof of thy ministry."
Thus, the Apostle seems to have written and chosen his subjects, forgetting his own
sorrows in his overwhelming love for his beloved son.
Did Timothy use all diligence? and did he arrive in Rome before winter? Did he
stand firm? and did he overcome all his evident timidity? None now can answer. But
there will be a day when Paul and Onesiphorus, Timothy and Demas, the writer of this
article and his readers, shall stand in the presence of the Lord Who loves us and gave
Himself for us. Shall it be said of any of us that we have been ashamed of the testimony
of our Lord, or of Paul his prisoner? May the Lord forbid! and rather set His seal upon
the study of this epistle to confirm and strengthen us all in this good fight.