The Berean Expositor
Volume 32 - Page 206 of 246
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II Timothy 1: 8 - 18. Paul and his message forsaken.
B1 | 8-12. Timothy--Not ashamed of testimony of prisoner.
SUBJECT.--The Gospel.
TIME.--Before age-times.
f1 | 8. The Prisoner. Jointly suffer evil.
g1 | 8. The Gospel.
h1 | 9. Before age-times.
h1 | 10. Now manifested. Life illuminated.
g1 | 10. The Gospel.
f1 | 11, 12. The Preacher. I suffer these things.
B2 | 12-14. Paul--Not ashamed of suffering as prisoner.
SUBJECT.--The good deposit.
TIME.--That day.
f2 | 12. He is able to guard.
g2 | 12. The deposit.
h2 | 13. Have a form of sound words, heard of me.
f2 | 14. Do thou guard.
g2 | 14. The good deposit.
B3 | 15-18. Onesiphorus--Not ashamed of chain of prisoner.
TIME.--That day.
f3 | 15. Thou knowest.
g3 | 15. In Asia. All turned away from me.
h3 | 16. The Lord give mercy.
g3 | 17. In Rome, He sought and found me.
h3 | 18. The Lord grant mercy.
g3 | 18. In Ephesus, He ministered unto me.
f3 | 18. Thou knowest very well.
It is evident from this outline that the subject-matter before us is of supreme
importance.  Issues that are beyond our ability to estimate hang upon our due
appreciation of this gospel, and this "good deposit". In our next article we shall hope to
consider the first sub-division of the passage (1: 8-12). Meanwhile, let us ponder the
solemnity of the theme: and especially let us pray for grace that we may never be found
ashamed of the testimony of the Lord, nor of Paul his prisoner.