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"If I teach these boys Logic, together with John 3: 16", said the Headmaster, "and
yet teach them at the same time that Moses never existed, or at any rate never lifted up a
serpent in the wilderness, will they not see, and quite rightly, that the `as' and `so' of
John 3: 14 link Moses, the serpent, the wilderness, and the gospel of John 3: 16 so
vitally together that to reject the one is to reject the other?"
It is useless to say that it does not matter whether the O.T. is fact or fiction, so long as
we preach "the simple gospel", for there is no such thing as "the simple gospel" if Moses,
Abraham, Adam, Noah and the other O.T. characters are only mythical. The grace of
Christ is contrasted with the law of Moses. The fulfillment by Christ is set over against
the promises made to Abraham. And the life given by Christ is presented as the glorious
substitute for the life forfeited by Adam.
When we consider the superhuman nature of the One Who speaks in this Gospel, in
relation to the same Speaker's testimony to Moses and the records of the Pentateuch is
recognized, no doubt can possibly be entertained as to the integrity of the O.T. records by
any who believe "the Son of Man, Which is in heaven". The living Word and the written
Word must stand or fall together.
#20. The Testimony in Jerusalem, Judaea and Samaria (2: 13-4: 42).
Aionian Life (3: 13 - 21).
pp. 159 - 164
We have now arrived at the section of the Gospel which contains one of the most
well-known and best loved passages of Holy Writ, namely, John 3: 16.
As, by undue emphasis, tradition often distorts truth, so sectarian bias has the
tendency of pushing one aspect of truth to the fore to the concealment or minimizing of
another. While this and much more could be said as a warning against the acceptance of
traditional views, on trust, it is also true that where any doctrine has received well-nigh
universal acceptance; where any particular aspect of truth has been hailed with joy and
preached with fervour by men representative of almost every important schism in the
Church, and where it has been instrumental in leading souls out of death into life; we do
well to hesitate long and meditate deeply before setting aside such unity of testimony.
John 3: 16 is such a text. It stands so arrestingly supreme in comprehensive scope,
simply grandeur and clear issues, as to demand the most careful and prayerful
Upon examination it is evident that what is said in verses 14 and 15 is expanded in
verse 16: