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A Tribute to Philip Dive.
p. 240
At a critical moment in the history of our Witness, our colleague Mr. Philip Dive
undertook the somewhat onerous duties connected with the publications forming an
integral part of our work, and since July, 1939--years marked by enemy action and
governmental restrictions--he has maintained contact with our readers, not only in the
execution of orders, but in a ministry of correspondence peculiarly his own.
He now passes on these duties to Mr. L. F. Green, B.Sc., A.R.I.100:, whose kindly
interest in 1942 enabled the recommencement of the London Witness in the buildings of
the Centenary Memorial Sunday School, Kennington.
In the name of all readers we pay a tribute of great appreciation of Mr. Dive's devoted
services, and extend a warm welcome to our new Honorary Publications Secretary,
knowing that nothing would please him better than to be "snowed under" with your
orders for 1945. The Berean Expositor is your Magazine; it lives only by fellowship,
which both our retiring and incoming Secretaries manifest in so large a measure, and
which should provoke us all to emulation.
We are thankful that our friend Mr. Dive is still assisting the work as a Trustee and
member of Council of the Central Movement.