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" . . . . . in short, the consolidation and extension of the work attempted during the last
30 years or so."
The only difference contemplated is one of procedure. In the past the Editor has
traveled miles, preaching and teaching in halls and meeting-places hired or owned by
friends on the spot; he now proposes to conserve energy and--apart from occasional
visits to other Centres--preach and teach the same truths in a hall in London to be
provided by the fellowship of friends having the Witness at heart. By report it is evident
that the Editor has a teaching ministry, and the greater proportion of those who attend
these meetings are those who are teaching others or preachers of the Word themselves.
We shall but "consolidate and extend" this teaching ministry if we can assemble faithful
men who shall be able to teach others also and entrust to them those wonderful doctrines
that we ourselves have received.  For those who cannot attend personally, a
Correspondence Course is in preparation, but whether the teaching be given orally at a
hall of our own or through the post, there can be no possibility of "forming a Sect".
In the present day a "Sect" is a company of Christians who are formed into a church,
a society, or an assembly, the membership of which is conditional upon the acceptance of
some doctrine or practice that must necessarily exclude some acknowledged believers
from fellowship.
Every reader of THE BEREAN EXPOSITOR knows that never has he or she been
invited to "join" anything; that there is nothing to join, no membership, no creed, no
conditions. When any or all of these marks are discernible in our pages, plans or appeals,
then it will be time to sound the alarm. Until these symptoms appear, and keeping in
mind the history of the past 30 years, is it not a call for praise, that after so long a witness,
instead of those most intimately concerned speaking of "retiring", they are preparing to
serve more strenuously than ever, prompted by the desire to "finish" their course, and to
pass on the trust while time and strength permit?
Does this not appeal to you? If you cannot actively encourage such a work, we ask,
for the truth's sake, that you will not (maybe unwittingly) hinder it.