The Berean Expositor
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Types of the usurpation
The typical character of the Canaanite
The conquest of Canaan
Our Witness.
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"While valuing the fellowship of like-minded believers, THE BEREAN
EXPOSITOR will continue untrammeled. It is the organ of no society, it is the
property of no sect, it is the exponent of no creed. It is a searcher of Scripture."
THE BEREAN EXPOSITOR was first published in February, 1909, and five years
later, namely in 1914, also in June, 1927, the words quoted above were included in the
Foreword to the reprints of Volume 1: It is evident as we read these words, that whilst
fellowship is valued, and perhaps greatly needed, for no consideration would that
fellowship be purchased at the price of faithfulness.  Neither THE BEREAN
EXPOSITOR nor the Editor could be deflected from the set purpose which called the
Witness into being. To-day in 1943, The Berean Expository Witness is still untrammeled,
its principal exponent calls no man Master, no Council decides what shall be expounded
and what shall not. To what "Society" does THE BEREAN EXPOSITOR belong to-day?
Of what "Sect" is it the mouthpiece? What "Creed" finds it an exponent?
In 1921, after many set-backs resulting from the "Great War", a modest notice
appeared in the March number (Volume XI, page 48).
"Good-Friday, 25th March.--A meeting conducted by the Editor will (D.5:) be held
at 7p.m. in the Small Class-room at ECCLESTON HALL, near Victoria Station, London.
Those attending should knock at the far door in Eccleston Place."
As an outcome of this meeting, the regular Witness in London was recommenced,
although we no longer had to "knock at the far door" to gain admittance. Following
the growth of the Witness and consequent opposition, it became necessary in 1922
(Volume XII, page 45) to publish a short article entitled: "The Fear of Forming a Sect",
to meet some unfounded rumours that were spoiling this opportunity to obey the Lord
and His Word. This article opened as follows:
"Some of the Lord's people who feel the need of fellowship with other
fellow-members have expressed hesitation to put their desires into operation, fearing that
by so doing they would be forming `another Sect'. It is well to retain a tender conscience
over all our actions, but at the same time we must not allow an unscriptural fancy to
prevent us fulfilling what may be a scriptural desire."
"Hairesis = sect, is derived from haireomai = to chose (Phil. 1: 22; II Thess 2: 13;
Heb. 11: 25).  The scriptural idea of a sect is `self-choice', and is a work of the flesh
(Gal. 5: 20; I Cor. 11: 19 heresies). A company of believers seeking to manifest their