The Berean Expositor
Volume 30 - Page 131 of 179
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At this meeting, the difference of opinion between the Sadducees and the Pharisees is
so strong, that Paul once again has to be rescued from their violence by the Roman
When Lysias hears of the conspiracy against the Apostle's life, he determines to send
him "safe to Felix". Accordingly he calls out two hundred soldiers, seventy horsemen,
and two hundred spearman, and bids them be ready by nine o'clock at night for the start
to Cęsarea. The number of soldiers decided upon to escort one man a distance of
sixty miles, is eloquent testimony to the turbulent character of the people.
The letter which Lysias sends to Felix follows the usual form, but skillfully covers up
his error. It implies that Paul was rescued from the Jews after Lysias had learned that he
was a Roman.
At this point we must stop for the moment. Before we can go further, we must
acquaint ourselves with some of the outstanding features of Roman citizenship, and this
we shall hope to do in a subsequent article.