The Berean Expositor
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When flesh was added as part of man's food after the Flood, no alteration was made in
the essential composition of human diet, for all animals that normally provide human
food feed upon the green herb. Even in the case of flesh-eating animals, they themselves
prey upon animals that eat herbs, so that we may truly say, in the most literal sense of the
words, "All flesh is grass".
Let us read again with intelligent faith, with increasing wonder, with glorious
certainty, the primitive record of man's creation and sustenance, and realize that only a
"science falsely so-called" could withhold the fullest recognition of its inspiration,
authority and comprehensiveness.
We trust that the reader has been interested in these brief notes on an intricate subject,
and that they have served to throw further light on the inspired record of Gen. 1: and 2: