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(2)  The following inscription, which is dated A.D.55, and therefore corresponds
closely to the period of Acts 19:, shows how accurate Luke has been in his record
concerning the town-clerk.
"Apollonius to his father . . . . . and to his mother . . . . . consecrated the enclosure and
this monument . . . . . having filled the offices of clerk at this market, town-clerk, and
high priest, and having been in charge of the record office. Erected on the 28th of the
month Demarchusius in the year 13. He also served the senate by means of assessors in
the time of the proconsul Paulus."
While much has necessarily been left unsaid, we trust that the structure of the passage
and the few archŠological notes that have been given, will make the story of Acts 19:
the clearer, and so intensify the reader's interest in the work of the great apostle to the
The Third Missionary Journey (19: 21 - 21: 39).
Paul at Troas (20: 4 - 16).
pp. 125 - 130
Continuing with our study of the Apostle's third great missionary journey, we now
leave Ephesus and accompany him on his way towards Jerusalem, and eventually Rome.
We have already seen from the structure (Acts 19: 21 - 21: 39) given on page 98 that
the record of this journey from Ephesus to Jerusalem is in six sections, and that the visit
to Troas (B | 20: 4-16) is the second of these. We must now fill in the detail of this
second section before proceeding further.
Acts 20: 4-16.
D | 4, 5. These going before (Paul and a few others
went round by Macedonia--see notes).
E | 5, 6. | k | Tarried at Troas.
l | Sailed away from Philippi.
m | After days of unleavened bread.
F | 7-12. | n | Paul preached on first day of week.
o | Ready to depart on the morrow.
p | A young man, taken up dead.
q | His life is in him. Trouble not.
n | Paul talked a long while, till break of day.
o | So departed.
p | The young man, brought alive.
q | Not a little comforted.
D | 13, 14. Paul, minded to go afoot. Met at Assos.
E | 15, 16. | k | Tarried at Trogyllium.
l | Sailed by Ephesus.
m | The day of Pentecost.