The Berean Expositor
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The life of God.
p. 240
Paul, in his ministry, makes fourteen references to God as "The living God", also of
"The life of Jesus", and of "Christ Who is our life", but once only does he speak of
"The life of God", and that in Eph. 4: 18. In fact verse 18 contains the only reference to
"life" (zoe) in the epistle. In Scripture, emphasis may be produced by repetition, but
sometimes a truth stands out on the page of Scripture by the mere fact of its isolation.
Here is such a statement. The Gentiles had become alienated from the life of God by
reason of the ignorance that was in them. Here is one of the things of God, without
which neither righteousness nor grace, peace nor glory, are of any avail. What this
"life of God" involves, and how it is associated with "ignorance" is a theme that demands
most sober thought. Praise be to God for "Christ our Life".