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In this verse we have set forth the joy of the Lord as well as His suffering (cf.
Heb. 12: 1-3), for suffering and glory are always linked together. Because of His great
atoning work, the kingdom is His, which is to be evenly divided among the many--in
other words, every redeemed one must enter the kingdom by virtue of redemption. The
division of the spoil is in the hands of Christ. He divides this among the strong--in other
words, the overcomers, the faithful, the obedient. These not only have an entry into the
kingdom, but an abundant entry (II Pet. 1: 5-13); not only will they live with Christ, but
they will also reign with Him in His kingdom.
The next sentences show a threefold aspect of the death of Christ: (1) He "poured
out"--willingly; (2) He "was numbered"--representing what man thought, and still
thinks, of Him; (3) He "bore"--the substitutionary work. The last words of the chapter:
"He made a meeting", should be full of comfort to every saved sinner. By His sacrifice
those who were dead in sins are fitted to meet the living God. Unholy rebels are made fit
to enter the courts of Heaven. Sinners who were far off have found in Him a meeting
place, a "mercy seat", where God still says: "There will I meet with you." Reader--if
you are a believer, rejoice, and seek to live as one for whom such wonderful blessings
have been prepared. If, on the other hand, you feel, by grace, your need of a Saviour, and
of a perfect righteousness--look into this chapter and "behold the Lamb of God".