The Berean Expositor
Volume 29 - Page 91 of 208
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The eight signs.
A | 2: 1-11. THE MARRIAGE IN CANA. The third day.
No wine. Glory manifested.
B | 4: 46-50. THE RULER'S SON. After two days. At the point of death.
C | 5: 1-47. THE IMPOTENT MAN. Pool Bethesda. 38 years.
Sabbath. Sin.
Many went back (6: 66).
Many of the people believed (7: 31).
C | 9: 1-44. THE MAN BORN BLIND. Pool Siloam. From birth.
Sabbath. Sin.
B | 11: 1.44. THE SISTERS' BROTHER. Two days. Lazarus is dead.
A | 21: 1-14. THE DRAUGHT OF FISHES. The third time.
No meat. The Lord magnified.
We shall give evidence later on in this series, that John wrote his Gospel at Ephesus,
after Paul had finished his course. We do not believe that John teaches the truth of the
Mystery, or that he was himself a member of the One Body, but he knew that the
revelation had been made through Paul, and records in his Gospel aspects of the Person
and work of Christ that the other Gospel writers were not permitted to reveal.  In
Volume XXVIII, page 126, the reader will find a chart indicating the relation between
John's Gospel and the Prison Ministry of Paul. This we commend to any of our readers
to whom it is not familiar.
In the articles printed in earlier volumes of The Deity of Christ, John 1: 1 has
necessarily been considered, and a series entitled "This is the Record", which runs
through Volume XXVI, also touches upon important passages in John's Gospel. In the
present series, however, we desire to approach the Gospel as a study in itself. In this
opening article we have tried to give some idea of what has already been written on the
subject, so that all our readers may have the benefit of these introductory attempts, and be
prepared to go forward with us in a more systematic study of this wonderful revelation of
light and love.