The Berean Expositor
Volume 28 - Page 207 of 217
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Psalm 12:--
(1) Say in your own words what God's words are likened to in this Psalm?
(2) How do man's words contrast with God's words?
See "speak" in verses 2 and 3.
Romans 1: 1-17-- (1) Give two other verses from the N.T. to show that the gospel is
"according to the Scriptures".
(2) Find a verse in Rom. 10: that joins "faith" with "hearing" the word of God.
Matthew 2:--
(1) What four things spoken by the prophet are fulfilled in Matt. 2:?
(2) How did the prophets know beforehand?
Psalm 119: 25-32.-- (1) How many different names for the word of God
can you find in these verses?
(2) "Stuck" means "Holdfast". Find a N.T. parallel.