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Our Young People's Page.
Weekly Bible Readings for January, 1937.
Subject: The Holy Scriptures.
(The notes are for the guidance of those superintending
the Young People's reading).
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SCRIPTURE: Child and Salvation (15):
January 3rd.
II Timothy 3:
Man and Service (17);
How Scripture was given.
Scripture, Graphe = Written (16).
Inspire,  Pneuma  =  Breathed  (as
Purpose of Prophecy: Lamp in Dark (19):
January 10th.
II Peter 1:
"Private  interpretation"  means  "own
How Prophecy came.
unfolding" (20);
"Moved" = "Drive" (Acts 27: 15, 17, 21).
Moses and all Prophets (27);
January 17th.
Luke 24:
Opened eyes (31);
The O.T. and Christ.
Opened Scriptures (32);
Opened Understanding (45);
Himself (44).
The words (8);
January 24th.
John 17:
The Word (14);
Inspired "words" made up
Thy Word is truth (17).
"the Word".
Every verse contains a reference to the Word
January 31st.
and uses a variety of titles such as "law",
Psalm 119: 1-16.
"testimonies", etc.
Verses to memorize (one each week):
II Tim. 3: 16; II Pet. 1: 21; Luke 24: 27; John 17: 17; Psa. 119: 1.
"Search and See" Section.
These "search and see" questions are based upon the weekly readings. Boys and girls from the age
of 7 years to 11 form Group I, and those from 11 to 14 form Group 2: All who receive 50 percent
marks or more will receive a certificate at the end of the year, and a prize will be given to a boy and
girl in each Group who gets the highest marks. The name, address and age should be written upon
each paper, and the monthly sets sent each month to "Win", "Shalom", Main Road, Hutton, Essex.
II Timothy 2:--
(1) What does the word Scripture mean?
(2) How was Scripture given?
(3) Will Scripture help a child? How?