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Things that differ.
pp. 198, 199
The writer of the following testimony has been a stalwart supporter of the witness of
the Berean Expositor for many years and we are glad to be able to include his
contribution. We have kept practically to his own words.
"The first thing that arrested my attention as to the importance of right division was
the fact that not all those who are raised at the great white throne judgment will
necessarily perish (as many teach), but those whose names are not in the book of life."
"From the realization of the importance of right division I was soon led to see the truth
of the mystery. I noticed that in the unity of Eph. 4: there was but one baptism, and
realized that it must be spiritual. This indicated a change from kingdom teaching, which
has two baptisms, viz., one in water and one in spirit. Following this the connection
between the Lord's Supper and the New Covenant exercised my mind.  The New
Covenant (quoted in Heb. 8: from Jer. 31:), connected with the house of Israel and
the house of Judah, has not yet been put into effect, and will not be until the church of the
mystery has been manifested with Christ in glory."
"Perhaps the passage that helped me most in my studies in a rightly divided Word of
truth was that of Acts 28: I saw that Acts 28: 25-28 was the dispensational
boundary, dividing Paul's epistles into two sets of seven, the early set relating to the
kingdom, and the later set relating to the mystery.  Before this boundary we have
numerous references to Jew, Israel, Abraham, tongues, miracles, prophecy, and other
gifts. After the boundary these are all conspicuous by their absence, the very isolated
references being of a negative character."
"Having thus been set free from the binding and blinding power of traditional
teaching, I was able to leave all these things, and to go on to know Christ and the glories
of His exalted position as Head over all things to the church which is His body, blessed in
the heavenlies; in short, a Saviour and Lord Who has not only died on our behalf and
risen because of our justification, but has ascended far above all, and His church
potentially seated with Him and waiting the day of His and their manifestation in glory.
To Him be praise and glory, Amen."