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himself: "Therefore being justified by faith . . . . . rejoice in hope of the glory of God"
(Rom. 5: 1, 2).
The word "predestination" in I Cor. 2: 7 is veiled in the A.V. translation, which
renders it "ordained". The passage speaks of predestination in relation to the "glory" of
the believer: "Which God ordained before the world unto our glory."
We must bring our study to a close. The apostle has now reached the magnificent
conclusion towards which the whole teaching of  Rom. 5: 12 - 8: 39  has been
directed--a triumphant challenge to heaven and earth to lay anything to the charge of
God's elect, or to separate the redeemed from the love of God. This must be our next
study. May all the wonderful steps leading up to it, that we have already seen, draw forth
our praise and thanksgiving as we once again realize the central truth of God's revelation,
expressed in those mighty words: "In Christ", "through Christ", and "with Christ".
Truly, as the apostle declares in the opening verses of his letter, the gospel of God is
concerning "HIS SON" (Rom. 1: 1-4).
#64.  No condemnation; no separation.
More than conquerors, now and ever (8: 31-39).
pp. 114 - 119
The whole of this glorious chapter of Romans may be likened to a flight of seven steps
leading ever upwards, from the doctrinal statement that "there is no condemnation" to the
answering challenge "Who is he that condemneth?" It is now a considerable time since
we considered the structure of this chapter as a whole, and we will therefore set it out
again in this closing article, so that none of our readers may miss the essential
relationship between the close of the chapter and its opening.
Romans 8: 1-39.
A | 1-4. No condemnation. God sent His own SON (huios).
B | 5-15. Led by Spirit of God. SONS now (huios).
C | 15-17. Spirit Itself bears witness. SONSHIP (huiothesia).
D | 17-21. Suffering and Glory. Manifestation of SONS (huios).
C | 22-28. Spirit Itself intercedes. SONSHIP (huiothesia).
B | 29, 30. Conformed to the image of His SON then (huios).
A | 31-39. Who condemns? He spared not His own SON (huios).
It will be observed, we trust, with joy, that God's answer throughout the varied
experiences of this chapter is to be found in "His Son" and "sonship" in Him.
The opening member (8: 1-4) deals with the subject of "No condemnation" stated
doctrinally, in its Godward aspect. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus sets us free
from the law of sin and death; and the utter failure of the flesh in respect to obedience