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Already a third of the arable land has been bought up. Unless we have justice all
Arabs will become wage-slaves.
The bitterness of Arab feeling is reflected in the widespread campaign of violence
throughout the country. While there is a slight lull in the shooting and rioting, following
police and military action, Palestine still echoes with the crack of rifles and the crash of
Early this morning Cameron Highlanders engaged in a half-hour skirmish with snipers
on the Jerusalem-Nablus road. At Gaza 18 barricades were removed by police during the
night, and the townsfolk, threatened with punitive measures, removed a blockage from
the railway line.
Sticks of detonating gelignite were found on the railway line near Tel Aviv, and in a
disturbance at Jafta, police opened fire and threw hand grenades.
So far over 900 Arabs have been arrested and 40 agitators placed under restraint.
About 300 Jews have been arrested, the majority for breaking the curfew regulations.
Kings of the earth, and the King of Kings.
pp. 61 - 63
In tracing the growing opposition that culminates in the terrible days with which this
age ends, we find ourselves constantly dealing with the lives of kings and the character of
their rule. At the end of the age, we read in Rev. 11::--
"The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ:
and He shall reign unto the ages of the ages" (Rev. 11: 15).
It would appear from this passage that the kings and kingdoms of this world are
inimical to the Kingdom of the Lord, and that the Lord will not reign until all other kings
and kingdoms are set aside. In speaking of kings, we do not intend to differentiate
between a Monarchy and a Republic, between Dictatorship and Democracy. All forms of
government are included in the conception of sovereignty; and all rule, authority, and
power must be placed beneath the feet of the Lord, before the end comes.
Having seen this fact concerning the end of the age, let us now leave the Book of the
Revelation and trace the general record of kingship through the Scriptures. We shall
notice, however, that, although we shall be leaving the Book of Revelation for the Book
of Genesis, we shall still be dealing with the same characteristics, and even with the same
geographical centre.
After the flood, Noah's three sons re-people the earth; and Ham's descendants soon
assume the dominance.
"And Cush begat Nimrod; he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty
hunter before the Lord. Wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before