The Berean Expositor
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Great plainness of Speech.
The Dispensational Boundary.
pp. 182 - 184
If the interested reader opens any Volume of The Berean Expositor, and consults its
pages upon almost any topic, it will be observed that the subject under consideration has
been presented according to a plan. The words which teach the doctrine concerned and
their meanings established by usage. Usually a number of references have been given in
order that the reader may be able to see for himself both meaning and usage. Then,
seeing that verses of Scripture, wrenched from their contexts, may easily be used in
support of false doctrine, we have sought out and presented the structure of the passage;
and sometimes, to make doubly sure, we have given the structure of a whole book. Not
until the words have been examined, and the structure discovered, have we sought to
press the point at issue or to established the doctrine. While the majority of our readers
are well able to follow these methods, and would not have us act otherwise, there are
some who find it difficult to follow the main argument amidst the rather abundant detail
which surrounds it. Further, those who read our pages and are hostile in their attitude
give clear evidence by their criticisms that they have not understood our message.
We therefore propose, in this series, to state what we believe to be the truth on a
number of important themes, avoiding detailed explanation. We shall not examine the
meanings of words, we shall not set out the structures of the passages concerned, but
instead, we shall refer the reader to those articles where all the proofs may be discovered.
In this way we hope that some who have missed our meaning will be helped, and those
who are engaged in the work of instructing others may be assisted also. It must be
understood, however, that in this series we shall not present anything new. All fresh
teaching will be presented as before, with proofs from the Word to substantiate all that is
The first words printed in The Berean Expositor are these:--
Acts 28: 17-31.
Its bearing upon the present dispensation.
Let us attempt to use "great plainness of speech" as we set forth the importance of this
passage to the understanding of dispensational truth:
Acts 28: 17-31 is a dispensational boundary. As a boundary it necessarily
divides contrasting dispensations. The outstanding characteristics of the Acts
period is the presence and pre-eminence of Israel. The outstanding characteristic
of the dispensation of the mystery is the complete absence of Israel as a nation.
The hope of Israel is entertained throughout the Acts, right up to this
dispensational boundary. The hope of the dispensation that ensues is the hope of