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Jesus began to do and teach", and the implication is that "the Acts" is a second treatise of
all that Jesus continued to do and teach, after His ascension. This strengthens our
argument, for the epistles of Paul make frequent reference to the fact that, though Paul is
writing, the doctrine of which he writes was received by revelation. Christ still teaches in
the epistles of Paul, and to omit them from a narrative that sets out to record "all" that the
ascended Lord "continued" to do and teach, would be a calamity. Our argument depends
not upon the title of the book but upon its purpose. It is a strange mentality that can talk
of the Acts as though it were an independent fact, altogether separated from the epistolary
activities of the same apostle, ministering to the same churches, at the same time as that
with which the record deals.
We append a chart that may be useful in visualizing this interdependence of Acts and
Epistles, and this chart must be looked upon as a supplement to the one published in
Volume XXV page 8.
The twofold ministry of Paul (13:-28:).
pp. 104 - 108
In the opening article of this series, appearing in Volume XXIV, page 1, we set out
the structure of the book of the Acts as a whole, and found it to be sub-divided as
Acts 1: 1-14.
Acts 1: 15 - 28: 31.
The present treatise, we found, fell under two heads:
(1) THE MINISTRY OF PETER . . . . . Acts 1: 15 - 12: 23.
(2) THE MINISTRY OF PAUL . . . . .  Acts 12: 24 - 28: 31.
Having arrived at Acts 13:, we must look at this second portion of the present
treatise as a whole, when, again, we find that it, too, falls under two heads, namely the
twofold ministry of the one apostle Paul.
We draw the reader's attention to a necessary modification of the structure given on
page 3 of Volume 24:  Instead of
section C
referring to Paul's ministry
independently of the twelve, ending with 14: 28, it should end with 15: 39, and
section D, referring to Paul's ministry with the twelve, should open with 16: 6. This