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A tribute to the late George Kerr,
Clydebank, Glasgow.
p. 101
Those of our readers who are acquainted with the early Volumes of The Berean
Expositor and its history, will remember the regular occurrence of the initials "G.K. and
Friends" under the heading "Gal. 6: 6". These initials were those of George Kerr, and it
was with a sense of deep loss that we learned a week before our visit to Scotland this
April that our old friend had fallen asleep. Tribute was paid at the Glasgow meetings
to the help and strength he had been to many--quite a number owe their introduction
and subsequent confirmation in dispensational truth to the labours and scholarship of
George Kerr. We remember with what surprise, and yet with his own hand, in book form
for the benefit of others, the articles we contributed to Things to Come commencing in
1909. George Kerr was not easily convinced, and therefore his loyal support was all the
more valuable.
Although for the past twenty-five years he was more or less an invalid, his cheery
smile and stalwart faith were inspirations to many. He now awaits that glorious day
when this body of humiliation shall be changed for the body of glory. We commit his
widow and family to the tender mercies of our God, and feel that we who are left will
honour "G.K.'s" memory best, by endeavouring to fill the breach that his death has made,
and to hold fast the good deposit, seeking by grace, as he sought, to be "approved unto
God" (II Tim. 2: 15).