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The Epistle to the Romans.
The two natures and the law (7: 13-25).
pp. 30 - 37
We now have before us one of the most controversial passages in the Scriptures. The
greatest commentators differ as to the true meaning of the passage. Is it the experience of
the believer? Is it the experience of the unsaved? Is it to be limited to the Jew under
law? Why is this experience recorded? How far was it personally true of the apostle?
These questions demand an answer, but an answer that is given merely "out of our own
heart" will be valueless and probably wrong. We must have first a scriptural preparation.
We shall, therefore, pursue our usual course. First the structure, in order to perceive the
subject-matter and scope; next the individual expression, the actual material of which the
structure is composed; and then, the purpose for which the experience is recorded.
Rom. 7: 13-25, though in one sense complete in itself, is part of an argument and
essentially connected with all that has gone before:--
Rom. 6: 1-14 . . . . .
deals with the dominion of sin and death.
Rom. 6: 15 - 7: 6 . . . . . deals with the dominion of law.
Rom. 7: 7-12 . . . . .
rectifies any possible misinterpretation of the apostle's
argument, and shows that the law is holy.
Rom. 7: 13-25 . . . . .
reveals that because the law is holy, or spiritual, and because
the flesh is carnal, it is vain for any one to look to the law
and its observance for deliverance; and this is proved by
the experience of the apostle himself.
We may see this more clearly if the relationship of these two sections dealing with the
nature of the law are set out as follows:--
Rom. 7: 6-25.
A | 6. STATEMENT.--We were delivered from the law.
B | 7. QUESTION.--Is the law sin?
C | 7. REPUDIATION.--God forbid (me genoito).
D | 7-12. ANSWER.--
| The law of God and the law of sin.
| The conflict.
| I died; unto death; slew me.
A | 12. STATEMENT.--The law is holy . . . . . just and good.
B | 13. QUESTION.--Was that which is good made death unto me?
C | 13. REPUDIATION.--God forbid (me genoito).
D | 13-25. ANSWER.--
| The law of God and the law of sin.
| The deliverance.
| The body of this death.