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The taking of Jericho (6:).
pp. 270 - 274
The section of the book of Joshua which now lies before us is twofold, viz., (1) The
taking of Jericho and (2) The trespass of Achan.  The two subjects are interrelated, as
are the crossing of Jordan and the subsequent circumcision at Gilgal.
In this article we must limit ourselves to the account of the taking of Jericho. This
again may be divided into two parts: first, the actual investment and taking of the city,
and secondly, the devotion of all to the Lord. In the case of the inhabitants and their
cattle this devotion to the Lord meant utter destruction; but the gold and silver, brass and
iron, were saved and placed in the treasury of the Lord. Rahab, also, and her household
were spared from destruction on account of her faith. The twofold division of the subject
may be exhibited in the structure:--
Joshua 6:
The taking of Jericho.
1:  6: 2-16.  The city given.
2: 6: 17-26. The city devoted and cursed.
A consideration of the following outline impresses one with the fact that this is no
private and personal conquest by Joshua or Israel, no sacking and looting of a city
without discrimination. The city was devoted to the Lord. The city was given to Joshua
by the Lord, and He alone had the disposal of all within its walls.
A | 2. I have given into thine hand Jericho.
B | 3. Compass the city six days.
C | 4. Compass the city on the seventh day.
D | 5. Shout.
B | 6-14. Compass the city six days.
C | 15. Compass the city on the seventh day.
D | 16. Shout.
A | 16. The Lord hath given you the city.
E1 | 17. Only Rahab and her house shall live.
F1 | 18, 19. Devoted things, as gold, not to be kept privately.
F1 | 20, 21. Utter destruction of all else.
E1 | 22, 23. Rahab and her house brought out.
E2 | 24. The city burned with fire.
F2 | 24. Devoted things placed in treasury.
F2 | 25. Rahab saved and dwelling in Israel.
E2 | 26. The city. Cursed be the builder.